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St. Rupert's Day Fair

The Rupertikirtag takes place annually in Salzburg. In September, the city squares next to the cathedral become the site of a fair in honor of Saint Rupert.

Annual Fair next to Salzburg Cathedral

The Rupertikirtag next to Salzburg Cathedral invites visitors to celebrate, marvel and enjoy! This traditional fair on the squares of the Old City is to honor St. Rupert, the patron saint of Salzburg, and is one of the most popular celebrations for the Salzburg locals


The Rupertikirtag is a highlight for visitors big and small

This festival in the heart of the historical district is a giant spectacle that appeals to young and old alike. Arts & crafts stands provide fascinating insights into all kinds of living traditions. Market stands tempt visitors with typical local foods and drinks.

Things you can look forward to at the Rupertikirtag in Salzburg:

  • Farmers’ market

  • A wide variety of market stands

  • Folk musicians and folk dancers

  • Vintage fairground rides and a ghost train

  • Fireworks

  • Crafts demonstrations

Photo Credit: wildbild Do you want to know more about what is going on in Salzburg? Then check out Salzburg News.

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