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Salzach galleries

The Salzach galleries, Austria's biggest open-air arts bazaar, opens its gates: On eight weekends til the end of September, up to 50,000 visitors per day dander along the shores of Salzach river to discover arts and culture from all over the world and to enjoy the beautiful things and culinary delights provided by approximately 600 exhibitors from across the world. Enjoy yourself at the Salzach galleries by gazing at fine artworks and chatting with artists and craftsmen – maybe about tips for the restauration of your own precious antiques? You may also want to look over the shoulders of sculptors and painters or to shape your own jewellery case. Montmarte, the famous Bohemian quarter of Paris, was initially taken as inspiration and as role model for the Salzach galleries, which now themselves set the standard for arts bazaars. Discover yourself the alluring and extraordinary flair of the Salzach galleries! The entrance is free!

Photo Credit: Salzachgalerien Do you want to know more about what is going on in Salzburg? Then check out Salzburg News.

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