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Argekultur Salzburg

ARGEkultur considers itself an interdisciplinary culture venue with an autonomous program and institutionally independent structure. As an all-year and continuous venue for events and productions, ARGEkultur primarily works in a local and regional context with an international flair. The choice and performance of the program are based on the criteria: innovation, entertainment and experiment. Interdisciplinary productions and events are primarily based in the avant-garde genre. In addition to its artistic program, ARGEkultur also offers the setting and conditions for all kinds of guest functions. ARGEkultur's dynamic utilization concept offers an operational and networking platform for approx. 50 clubs, initiatives and groups. ARGEkultur fulfills an art and culture mandate that communicates its moral concepts, promotes equity between genders and among social groups and offers a forum for critical discussion and open, constructive dialog. ARGEkultur therefore offers a place for synergies and cross-linking between different sectors, disciplines, players, communities and institutions. The ARGEBeisl is an important part of the overall concept, used by visitors beyond the venue's cultural operations . It offers the building and its guests a comfortable and enjoyable setting to relax and communicate. ARGEkultur - a place that looks for controversy and brings art and culture together in its own special way. The ARGEkultur Salzburg program is primarily manifested in the following sectors and interdisciplinary areas: Music, cabaret/vaudeville, DJ culture, dance/theater, medial art, New Music, readings, discursive events, "Red Salon" late night format and active cultural education such as the Children's Culture Week, the Culture Space Pilot apprentice workshop program or the JIMS - Summer Academy & Festival for Jazz & Improvised Music Salzburg.

Photo Credit: wildbild Do you want to know more about what is going on in Salzburg? Then check out Salzburg News

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