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Sacred Music Events in Salzburg

Salzburg provides the perfect stage for sacred music. For hundreds of years, important musicians and composers lived and worked at the courts of the prince-archbishops. Today, their works resound in the city’s most beautiful churches.

Concert Series and Festivals

The Salzburg prince-archbishops valued music highly. Because of that, they brought in important artists from across Europe and supported musicians such as Leopold Mozart and his son Wolfgang Amadeus. The spectrum of this vast heritage is reflected in everything from choral concerts and organ recitals, to liturgical celebrations with exquisite musical accompaniment. A number of concert series and festivals also provide a setting truly worthy of this legacy.

Event Locations

Not only do Salzburg’s churches shape the city skyline, they are also witnesses to history as well as oases of reflection & retreat. The Cathedral, the Franciscan Church, the Abbey Church of St. Peter’s and Trinity Church – along with many others – serve as the setting for some of Salzburg’s most important sacred music. It was for these houses of worship that the music was created, and so it only makes sense that it is also here that this music should be experienced!

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