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Inherit the culture - Preserve the city! Exhibition at Salzburg Museum

During 2017, the Salzburg historical district will actually celebrate two important anniversaries highlighting its successful efforts to protect the city’s rich legacy: 50 years ago, the very first law in Austria was passed committed to the preservation of the Old City. And 20 years ago, the Salzburg historical district was named to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Artistic depictions of famous places in Salzburg The first part of the exhibition “Inherit the Culture. Preserve the City!” is dedicated to the “Historic City Center of Salzburg” as a World Heritage Site. Prominent locations in Salzburg were chosen, depicted by means of drawings and paintings. The pieces on display were created by famous artists and are borrowed from the permanent collection of Salzburg Museum. In the first part of the exhibition, you will see - Residenzplatz Square – in an ink drawing by Rudolf Hradil - the Tomaselli kiosk – by Theodor Ethofer - old market stands – by Friedrich Loos - Makartplatz and Cathedral Square as far as the Neutor – by different artists Historical photographs portray the preservation and development of downtown Salzburg Through historical photographs, as well as picture postcards and drawings, the second part of the exhibition highlights various aspects of efforts to protect and develop Salzburg’s historical district. over the course of time. The “Old City Preservation Law”, which was enacted back in 1967, has made a vital contribution to the sensitive and conscientious management of central Salzburg. In the second part of the exhibition, you will see: - the history of Hotel Stein - restoration of University Church - the “Mississippi Steamer”café - the Salzburg courthouse - and a new construction project on Rehrlplatz Square

Photo Credit: Salzburg Museum

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