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Der Salzburger Landesanzug

Tradition, Manifesto, Symbol – Folkwear Renewal in Salzburg from 1910

The exhibition is dedicated to the phenomenon of “Folkwear Renewal”. In Salzburg, this led to the development of a distinctive “Salzburg Folk Costume”. The focal point of the exhibition is the role of men’s folk costumes as a means of representing the province and the history of their broader impact.

The exhibition is divided into four main areas:

a selection of paintings and sketches with folkwear as the theme original Salzburg folk costumes as worn by prominent personalities, and portraits of Salzburg’s provincial governors models depicting the first attempts at folkwear renewal also including women’s folk costumes from the region the development of folk costumes/folkwear under the motto “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”.

Photo Credit: Salzburg Museum/Rupert Poschacher

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